In about 1999 I began doing what would be one of my biggest and longest lasting projects – what’s now known as IVR and ‘message on hold’. I worked in The IT and Telecommunications division at my local hospital. It’s now known as the University of Vermont Medical Center, but then it was called the Fletcher Allen Health Care. We took 30+ different locations and phone systems – then combined them into one unified telephone system – which also connected over fiber optic lines to the University of Vermont.

After looking for a voice to leave all the messages – the hospital ended up hiring me to do it. I knew the system better than anyone, had a friendly sounding voice and, as a local, could easily update messages. For twelve years I updated that system (and I was subsequently on may others) and local folks recognize my voice if I say ‘If this is an emergency call, please hang up and dial 911 or your local emergency number’ which was included in the on hold messaging for the entire organization – just in case someone called a wrong number and dialed a business office instead of the emergency room (for example).

After a bit of a hiatus I’ve recently re-entered the fray and am recording for two clients I hope to share with you soon on my clients list (I always give clients the option to decline)

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