Sometimes you send out an audition and don’t hear anything back. Literally crickets. Less often, I’ll not hear the script has changed, they haven’t made any decisions yet, but receive a request to update the audition with the new copy. Even less often that happens around Christmas and around New Year’s Eve. This is why, as a voiceover, I’m always checking my email.

Because… then you do hear back… it’s running next week…

And this is that audition.

So – here’s a message to anyone doing voiceover – sometimes you make a connection you don’t even know you’ve made. Sometimes that leads to a job. Always keep that in mind that you are building. When you’re putting it together, it’s hard to see what that looks like from up close. You need to take a step back, look at what you’re putting together and put it in perspective. Make sure the steps you’re taking are the ones helping you build the structure you want to build.

I have been working hard on getting better for years. I’ve coached others, bee coached myself, it all helps you improve. It all helps you make solid connections. Voiceover is built on the connections we make.

So, though I’ve been working at going back to full time for the past 13 months, most of my projects, have been ones I couldn’t share. It’s weird how having a finished project is great, but how rewarding the ability to share something can be. So, without further ado, here’s one that I can finally share!

This commercial for Spalding was played during the Spalding Hoophall Classic 2019 on ESPN

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