I’ve decided to make a quick daily video – about sixty seconds (sometimes less) – that can be shared on social media sites and this blog. I’ve been doing voiceovers for some time along with producing ads since 1994 and even coaching several people new to the VO world – so thought it might be a nice way to share some of the knowledge I’ve built up over the years.

Without further ado – here’s Day 1 of the challenge to post a quick daily video, every day, for as many days as I can – all regarding voiceover tips, tricks, hints or insights.. Today’s quick tip is on exercise – which we all need, but gives us voice actors and voice talents the ability to deliver our reads whenever and wherever.

I hope to post, without interruption, for several weeks… I will do my best to keep it going, even if I stumble a time or two if life gets in the way.

The full playlist is at:

The Real Voice YouTube Video Challenge Playlist

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