Day 3 – I’ve made a personal challenge to post a quick (~1 minute) daily video, every day, for as many days as I can – all regarding voiceover tips, tricks, hints or insights.

Today’s topic is Microphones, links to the two mics (of several I own, but these are two I used from the get go) are below. Some of these are affiliate links. Feel free to share, comment, ask questions and like/follow/subscribe.

Studio Projects B1 – here’s an article that helped convince me to buy it (by the way – I did return the original one I bought and the second one exceeded the self noise measurements) –

Studio Projects B1 link –

Shure Sm7b mic only link –

Shure SM7B bundle with Mogami Gold XLR cable, Cloudlifter CL-1 and Shure SM7B ––SHUSM7B?siid=247113

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